Lladro Straight to the heart 01009209 · 9209

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01009209 / 9209
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 01009209 · Straight to the heart


White matt porcelain with a satin finish with soft colours

This piece is inspired by love, which is belief that sometimes is rather blind. Representing Cupid with an eye-patch on his eye together with his bow and his arrows.

Size: 10 ¼ x 9 ½ x 6 ¾ "
Worldwide commercialization /Wholesale /Lladró Retail
Launch: Spring 2016


Cupid, the universal symbol of love, is aiming an arrow at his next target. The piece combines realistic treatment with a mythological theme. Cupid’s mischievous smile is accompanied by an eye covered by a patch, suggesting that love is blind.
Pure Lladró style and sculpture challenge
The piece combines key elements from Lladró’s imagery such as delicacy, romance, and tenderness, reinforced by details like the heart-shaped arrow head. In turn it also represents Lladró’s more sculptural new classic pieces in matte porcelain, dynamic and strong with ample volumes. The perfection in the modeling of the wings is yet another notable feature.

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