Lladro Krishna on Leaf Figurine 01009370 / 9370

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Krishna on Leaf Figurine

Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm


Sculptor: Virginia Gonzalez, Release year 2018, Lladró Assurance included

According to the ancient Hindu tradition, Krishna, as a child, protected the universe from dissolution by swallowing it whole while building a new creation. The powerful image of a beautiful child preserving all the creatures of the world from destruction has inspired Krishna on leaf, a precious piece that combines the tenderness of the child like representation with the luxurious and detailed ornamental richness of God's attire.It is decorated with a combination of glossy and matt porcelain with glazes and various parts finished in gold. Everything in this piece is taken care of down to the smallest detail: The chromatic range used in the decoration is inspired by the traditional iconography of India and the instrument in his hand (the bansuri) is made of gold-plated brass. Krishna on leaf is handmade in Lladró's workshops in Valencia, Spain.