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01009229 · Goddess Sri Lakshmi


Size: 8 ¾ x 7 x 6 ¼ "
Worldwide commercialization /Wholesale /Lladró Retail
Launch: Spring 2016


Glazed porcelain with vibrant colors and some enamels in her cloths. Coins inside the bowl with golden luster.


Faithfulness to symbolism through Lladró’s traditional handicrafts
Lladró portrays Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance and Good Luck. In Hindu mythology she is seen as the representation of all things feminine, while her consort, Vishnu, symbolizes manhood. This goddess Lakshmi is holding in her hands the lotus flower buds that symbolize beauty, purity and fertility. Her four hands stand for the goals of human life (Purushartas). A bowl with coins placed in front of her suggests that she shall bless all her worshipers with riches.
Lladró has depicted the goddess bedecked in jewelry and dressed with fine gold-embroidered red clothes. Red symbolizes activity, and the golden frieze, prosperity. To enhance her divine status and majesty, she is also wearing a haloed crown as well as a garland of lotus flowers .
Pure Lladró style
Lladró has created this Goddess Lakshmi at a smaller scale, but with profuse ornamental wealth. Made in gloss porcelain, bright colors and varied glazes were used to decorate her, besides the golden luster used in the bowl of coins. This is the first open series Lakshmi presented by the brand after selling out the limited series and High Porcelain versions. It is a highly-awaited piece in the sector and among lovers of Hindu divinities. Depictions of Lakshmi are present in most Hindu family homes and are particularly popular among women as she represents femininity.

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