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01009184 / 9184
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01009184 · Deep Impact


Glazed porcelain
Inspired by the famous racehorse Deep Impact, an English purebred horse from Japan with an outstanding track record.
Size: 11 x 20 ¾ x 7 ¾ “
Limited edition: 3000
Worldwide commercialization /Wholesale /Lladró Retail (USA not included)
Launch: Spring 2016


Faithfulness to the original
Lladró has created a totally faithful reproduction of Deep Impact, an English purebred horse which is a living legend worldwide, particularly in Japan, where its records are astounding. The horse, retired from competition in 2006, is a true institution in Japan, and its famous way of running, always starting last but finishing first, drew in the crowds to racetracks around the world. This breed of horses has a well-proportioned head and neck, wide chest and thorax and powerful muscles.
The piece was a great success in Japan the year it was released.
Mastery of porcelain through genuine tradition
Lladró has a long-standing tradition in the art of sculpting horses. In fact, the sculptor of this piece is an expert connoisseur of the world of horses. His experience and mastery have resulted in a perfect modeling and decoration of Deep Impact totally faithful to the original horse. Worth noting are the stirrups painted in a metal tone and sticking out from the saddle. Some horses of this breed have one or several white legs or hoofs, a feature the sculptor also took into account.
Singularity and collecting
True to Deep Impact’s features, Lladró has rendered it in porcelain with unique forms, decoration and finish. A piece worthy of the admiration by horse lovers and collectors.

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