Animal Jewels Collection Set

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Animal Jewels Collection Set
Art Deco is characterized by its focus on geometry, clean lines, and elegant designs. Our artisans have drawn inspiration from this artistic movement to create the pieces of Animals Jewels, a fox and a squirrel with a jewel-like spirit, handcrafted in porcelain. They are distinguished by their creative uniqueness and timelessness. Both figures feature herringbone engravings and countless pearls that adorn the bodies of these animals in pearly gray. Furthermore, deep black takes center stage on the glossy porcelain combined with gold and pearly lustres. A combination that turns these pieces into works of art that you can enjoy over time.
SKU: 01009726_01009727
Fox jewel Sculpture
SKU: 01009727
Squirrel jewel Sculpture
SKU: 01009726