Lladro Dolphins’ dance (Dazzle) 01009162 / 9162

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01009162 / 9162
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 01009162 · Dolphins’ dance (Dazzle)


Glazed porcelain
These Dolphins are the latest outcome of Lladró Atelier’s creative project: Dazzle, an artistic exercise inspired by the celebrated vanguard camouflage technique based on complex geometric patterns.
Size: 7 ¾ x 16 ¼ x 6 ¾ "
Worldwide commercialization /Wholesale /Lladró Retail
Launch: Spring 2016


Meaning and symbolism “Dazzle”
Also known as “razzle” or “dazzle”, the rise of dazzle painting can be traced back to the First World War, at a time when wartime camouflage techniques were being invented.
In 1914 the British artists Norman Wilkinson and Edward Wadsworth created this form of painting in order to transform an object into an abstract image. To this end, they used thick, normally parallel, black and white lines. This technique made it difficult for the enemy to judge the shape, size, speed and direction of a ship. As such, the principle worked on confusion rather than hiding. However, the once effective dazzle camouflage was made obsolete with the invention and development of sonar and radar technology.
Lladró heritage
Using contrasts between black and white and a creative confusion of intersecting lines, the Dazzle project gives a new lease on life to existing Lladró pieces and re-images them with a strong visual impact thanks to the attractive decorative effects.